Tea Tree and Eucalyptus Soap


Tea tree oil and eucalyptus team-up to provide an invigorating clean like no other. Historically the antioxidants in these oils are known to promote clear and healthy skin. Insanity great after a workout.

Ingredients you can pronounce: Olive oil, coconut oil, shea butter, castor oil, pure tea tree and eucalyptus essential oils, beeswax, water and natural mica colorant.

Average weight: 4.5 ounces

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Tea Tree and Eucalyptus Soap

Disclaimer: In addition to pure vegetable oils, we use true essential oils in all of our products. The complex therapeutic properties of essential oils are renowned; however, Lilly Sage Apothecary does not guarantee or claim any health benefit associated with a given oil. Everyone’s skin reacts differently to essential oils, so if you experience an irritation or otherwise adverse reaction, then discontinue usage immediately. All of our products are intended for external use only. We care about your health and opinion – if you have a question or concern, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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Weight5 oz

200 ml, 500 ml


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