Himalayan Mineral Bath – 4.5oz Travel Size


Known as the Salt of Kings, pure and natural Himalayan Salt creates the highest quality and nutrient rich mineral bath on earth. This pink treasure was naturally formed in ancient seas; then preserved in pockets as the highest mountains on earth were pushed skyward. Its restorative properties are still prized by royalty – certainly by those in our household!

Available in two sizes: 17.5 oz or Travel: 4.5 oz, and in three scents.

Citrine – A playful blend of citrus essential oils. This one is good to use after a work out.

Amethyst – In a word, serenity. Think of a garden path leading from one floral cluster to the next.

Ruby – Describing this scent is like defining the elusive and delicate flavors of a beautiful wine. This blend is a little bit sexy and a lot mysterious.

Use: Cup your hand and fill it with a generous handful of salts, then cast them into running water. The water temp should be as warm as you can comfortably enjoy. Fill the tub and soak until your body and soul are content. Rest afterwards.

Ingredients you can pronounce: Pink Himalayan Salt, fragrance (pure and natural essential oils). Sustainable and people tested only.


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Himalayan Mineral Bath – 4.5oz Travel Size

Take care not to get the salts into you eyes. If you do, flush with clean water. Seek medical assistance if necessary. Keep away from children. Do not ingest orally. If irritation occurs, discontinue use immediately.

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