Put a little sparkle in your bath routine

Our charcoal, cedar wood and frankincense soap is the stuff dreams are made of. Come for the detoxifying and anti-aging properties, stay for the intoxicating smell (and the sparkle). Can't you just see this sitting on the side of your tub with a glass of wine while you bask in bubbles and candlelight?


Soap that will make you sing

Wait...is that? Is it birdseed? In soap?! Why, yes, it is. You won’t be incredulous once you try the ingenious natural exfoliation of our earl grey, bergamot and birdseed soap. It was inspired by a bar picked up at a store in Colorado years ago by Janet’s beautiful mother that she has never forgotten (or stopped raving about). We promise this soap is not for the birds.


Lemongrass and poppyseed

It's a day of experimentation at Lilly Sage Apothecary, and we think this one is a winner! Introducing lemongrass poppyseed soap. With the natural exfoliation of poppyseeds and the glorious smell of lemongrass, we know you will love it.